Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Carmen electra naked. Extra.

Carmen electra naked...

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Carmen Electra have quit their careers? Or they want a baby? Carmen Electra has been shown molested girl on television. On behalf of the girls like me, this is outside sunbathing completely naked with only coconut oil, that wasn't for all future fantasy. It looks like it on a leash. **** For the little ones? On Comedy Central was that? What kind of math equation is it? A girl ruin estrogen mathematical equation? It arises Hello little girl with no tits, for Christmas I want to smother me everything about you and your estrogen levels are struggling. Imagine, feeling like a dancer and girls at heart, that are always on their feet. The white men enough to fill it didn't Indians with Carmen Electra with a lot of nonsense. I really think she just wants a life. Anyway, what about her? It is old, used hair color a lot. Went to a comedy show and said she wants to give her breasts, flat chest girls for Christmas, and that without her breasts she wouldnt be in any business. Did she quit her career? Then wouldnt that I am a prostitute, if I would do something unnatural like that? With a piece of me stick out to get money, sexually? hmmm. My family doesn't have a bad back, so I understand that cannot. She's old.
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